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PROPHET’s reports help leaders and HR professionals leverage the teams and relationships across their organisations to fast-track performance. Whether you are a major international organisation or a small business, you will benefit from insight into your teams for their development and to help implement strategy.

Four high-value reports.
Packed with actionable insights.

Backed by Global Partners

Wisdom8, an international executive and team coaching practice, runs PROPHET accreditation for experienced coaches across the globe.

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    Wisdom8 is building a community of leading accredited executive coaches around the world, to use PROPHET in their work.

    ‘Since attending accreditation, I have used PROPHET to impact small companies, large organisations and charities. As a former CEO and, for twelve years, an advisor to Senior Management Teams, I value the strategic insight that that this exceptional instrument brings to help leaders build great teams and organisations’ 

    Andrew Dyckhoff, International Executive Coach

Boyden is among the world’s foremost talent advisory and leadership solutions consultancies. Boyden uses PROPHET with its clients across the globe to increase their leadership team’s ability to succeed.

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    Boyden is using PROPHET throughout its client lifecycle to support the development of high performing leaders and teams.

    ‘We are providing Boyden’s clients around the world with access to this great insight solution. It will help our client’s build high performing senior teams, provide insights to establish effective relationships and support the approach to implementing talent strategies successfully.’

    Trina Gordon, President & CEO, Boyden World Corporation

The Association for Coaching (AC), a global independent standards body, is endorsing PROPHET accreditation for the coaching community.

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    The AC, is promoting accreditation to executive coaches around the world.

    ‘The Association for Coaching runs PROPHET across our organisation, internationally, as an invaluable business insight tool in helping our leadership and virtual teams leverage our differences. With coaches now accredited in PROPHET in countries across the globe, we are seeing first-hand the positive impact it is having in their work, with case studies across all size of companies. PROPHET works as it provides fast, highly business focused advice that leaders value. It is a unique instrument that supports coaches in an accessible way.’

    Katherine Tulpa, CEO of the Association for Coaching

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