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PROPHET Profiling

PROPHET originated from a consulting firm that advised businesses on how to leverage relationships to drive results. After 20 years of working with businesses, it became evident that both the leaders and functional leaders of organisations could benefit from insight tools in developing and implementing strategy.

PROPHET Profiling’s clients had often completed psychometric instruments and valued insight into personality. However, they saw many instruments as non-business focused and too time-consuming to interpret in a way that was applicable to their business needs.

  • The design of PROPHET began in 2011. The highly experienced team came from a variety of professional areas, foremost business, but also mathematics, experimental and social psychology, business insight, and sales, as well as specialists in psychometric instruments. In developing the instrument, there was on-going valuable feedback from clients, thousands of senior executives from a wide variety of industries and cultures.
  • After thorough research and writing, PROPHET was registered by the British Psychological Society in 2017. PROPHET’s reputation as an entirely different and relevant instrument is growing quickly across the globe.

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Designed to make a difference

  • PROPHET is designed to make a significant difference to the world of work and the performance of organisations. It is built to the highest ethical principles.
  • PROPHET has been created to build relationships. It helps people appreciate the value of diverse approaches to work and the value in having people with different motivations.
  • It helps people understand the importance and application of different decision-making preferences.
  • Most importantly, it helps people understand the value in people who are different to them in order to fast-track relationships and performance while implementing strategy.




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