Develop Executive Relationships

Deeper insight into key relationships can prevent the destruction of value and maximise success.

Throughout history, the relationships of people in power have positively and negatively impacted outcomes. Key relationships within Boards and Executive teams, with managers and their reports, customers, suppliers and joint venture partnerships, have all benefitted from PROPHET’s modelling of how people work together. This insight helps identify areas of opportunity and potential risks in relationships due to their work preferences which can transform relationships and results.

Coaching executives to develop stakeholder relationships

As an individual instrument, PROPHET helps executives consider their preferred contribution to the business and the opportunities and challenges of working with others. Katherine Tulpa, a highly experienced executive coach and CEO of the Association for Coaching, the Global Standards Body, describes her experiences.

“I have used PROPHET with so many senior executives across the world in one to one coaching. It enables a highly focused business discussion on their contribution to the business, how they form and develop their relationships with their key stakeholders and how they deal with the changes in the maturity of their business, given their preferences. PROPHET stands out from other instruments in the speed in which you can have a relevant and strategic conversation about development, with an audience that is generally time-pressured and want results quickly. I have also heard so many stories from coaches and HR professionals around the world who are helping their stakeholders leverage the power of the PROPHET insight to make major decisions.”

When to apply PROPHET to support Executives

In Executive Coaching

Use the PROPHET Individual Profile to help the executive consider their leadership approach, their relationship dynamics and their career and organisational development

To help individuals build their teams

PROPHET’s schema provides a pragmatic framework for the discussion of building new teams and developing existing ones to facilitate performance

Developing Pivotal Relationships

Use the PROPHET Pivotal Relationship Report to develop key relationships in the business or help overcome issues in collaboration

Developing the key relationships in organisations

In organisations, a great deal of development focus is put on individuals and an increasing amount is focused on the teams. PROPHET’s insight helps both. At more senior levels, the importance of relationships increases not just to build teamwork, but also to ensure the operating model succeeds with aligned strategies, effective handovers and cross-functional collaboration. PROPHET offers fast insight that enables better quality conversations and more effective relationships.

“As an insight expert, I recognise and value the rigour, elegance and simplicity of the PROPHET solution. I have used it many times, profiling my organisation and key partners to help us align and collaborate to deliver our business strategy.”

Georgie White, Group Insight Director, British Telecom

Unlocking value and preventing under-performance or conflict

PROPHET can help impact relationships that are not performing to their full value. The insight provides a great framework for understanding the commercial implications of difference in motivations, decision-making preferences and business behaviours. Regularly, these differences impact the success of key people within organisations and teams. PROPHET can unlock problems and help relationships, even with people who have worked together for many years. Ultimately, at a senior level, people care about the impact of relationships, not the relationship themselves, and it is the business implications that resonates so well.

“PROPHET provides a very different very lens from other tools I have used – it provided insight into how senior teams can work more effectively to deliver better business.”

Margaret Jobling, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Centrica

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