High-Performing Leadership Population

PROPHET helps leaders not only develop team performance and cross-functional collaboration, as you progress deeper into the organisation PROPHET produces remarkable insights.By profiling the leadership population, PROPHET’s insight helps that population to support their teams and functions in breaking down silos, drive efficiencies and building a high-performing culture.

Understanding the profile and culture of your leadership

Given there are so many psychometric instruments, and some exceptionally successful ones which have become global brands, why did the world need another tool? Simply, because these great instruments weren’t routinely used as drivers of organisational performance and were not being used as tools by executive teams to understand and manage their business. There was a disconnect between insight into personality and relationships and insight into strategy implementation. PROPHET was built to close this gap and provide leaders with meaningful and actionable insight to help enhance organisational performance.

Profiling the leadership population and beyond

Through examining an individual’s preferences for the key activities in building and running a business, PROPHET provides powerful insights into a person’s approach to their role. As this is scaled up, from one individual to an entire leadership population or even a whole organisation, these insights multiply and can produce remarkable outcomes.

Tracy French, HR Director, at Arrow Global Plc, a fast expanding listed Financial Services business, came across PROPHET in its development phase.

“Having used PROPHET successfully at Brakes Group, I was confident that it had the commercial credibility and analytical rigour that would add value to the CEO and ExCom. In 2016, we profiled the top 100 in our business and used the insight to develop all of the key teams within our business. Our leaders all value the intuitive insight. We accredited our HR team and have used PROPHET regularly for senior teams across our European businesses to develop team performance.”

As the business grew and entered new countries through organic growth or acquisition, it was consolidating platforms and developing systems and processes to maintain the international expansion. PROPHET’s findings highlighted to the Executive Team, the culture of the leadership population and the attributes that had made the business so successful. It also showed the team how they could bolster the leadership population with key attributes that would be critical to the maturing of international activities. This insight directly impacted the People Strategy and over time the company strengthened these areas while retaining the entrepreneurialism and energy that had made it so successful, continuing to use PROPHET to support this expansion.

When to apply PROPHET to support the Leadership Population

At the Leadership conference

Use PROPHET to engage the group and provide meaningful and memorable business insight

When a new strategy is being communicated

As a new strategy is launched, use PROPHET to help each functional team consider how they engage in the implementation

Cascade into functional team sessions and cross-functional support

Support each team to build team-effectiveness and work cross-functionally to support an effective operating model

Building cross-functional collaboration

PROPHET elegantly combines business insight and personal insight, and therefore appeals to those who want a fast but rigorous solution. Andrew Adams, Global Head of Data and Analytics at leading Investment Bank Houlihan Lokey, has used PROPHET over many years.

“PROPHET had been recommended by my Chair in our previous organisation to help to drive team performance and collaboration across our senior team. Despite initial scepticism of how a profiling tool would help us, our team were impressed with the ease of use and the power of the solution. Both our Board and our MDs found the process enlightening and commercially applicable. Our company subsequently joined Houlihan Lokey and we have used PROPHET across London Corporate Finance to support our integration into the business.”

Providing a common language and a lasting impact

Like the best instruments, PROPHET is memorable. People may not remember all the 16 roles and labels, but they remember the principles of the business cycle and can have a practical business discussion about the insight, without the need to refer to other documentation or interpretation. The speed in which insight is generated, effectively 20 minutes of everyone’s time, provides a wealth of insights that impact the performance of an organisation. PROPHET can explain why certain things happen as they do and what needs to be done to avoid people’s preferences negatively impacting performance.

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